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doubleheader, duke and virginia. duke now because of -- well, two reasons really, the thumb injury was one factor. but today earlier michigan state did beat perdue. one would think the squad could be the beneficiary for possible number one seed, especially if they are to continue this roll that they're having in the acc regular season and win the acc tournament. >> mike: michigan state thinking the same thing. they could be. >> tim: absolutely. >> mike: it's just a shame what happened. >> tim: booker, a reversal, nice move inside. and it's 43-39. matt too. kitchen need help. reid comes away with the inbound pass. tanner smith picks up the foul. >> mike: good play. that's what you do. you try to draw the shot-blockers to you. and booker did a nice job laying low along the baseline, making himself available. >> tim: you notice clemson now waste nothing time in either trying to come away, mike, with the steal or go ahead and give up the foul. >> mike: florida state struggling so much at the line in tonight's game. 65% overall on the year. >> tim: singleton right at 50. alabi is your most reli
ended its woes in charlottesville beating an already beaten up virginia team. a team that lost its best player just hours before the game for not living up to academic obligations. he was surely missed. virginia in white, turns it over. gravis vasquez goes inside for the jam. the terps were up 14 points matching their biggest league. but virginia would come back. they would give the terps a scare cutting the deficit to 3 but vasquez answers with three of his own. he had five three three- pointers, a game high 23 points. final minute maryland's lead cut to one. virginia is called for a blocking foul and cavalier coach tony bennett can't believe it. the terps beat virginia 74-68 to clinch a share of the acc regular season title. >> it feels great, you know. we worked hard for 16 games. we didn't play great today but you've got to give virginia credit. you hate the situation that stuff happens. i knew they would come out firing today and they did a great job. you have to give virginia a lot of credit. >>> the biggest news of the day for georgetown not that they earned the first round bye i
avenue. there are no injuries reported as a result of the leak. >>> the president is in fairfax, virginia making a pitch for the reform. the white house says that four democrats changed their votes from nay to yay and the majority leader on the early show said that people will accept the plan. >>> morgan state bear fans show they'll do almost anything for their team, even get up and drive seven hours to see them play the west virginia mountaineers. and we're live and andrea fujii has more on the mounting excitement. >>> good afternoon, jessica. yes, a big group left at 4:00 this morning. they say they know their under dogs, but they can still win it. >> before dawn, the alumni was pumped up for the bears. >> west virginia is in west virginia. >> i think we'll make those guys know what morgan state basketball's about. >> i'm 85 years old and this is the first time i've seen a team jell and play together. >> reporter: morgan is 15th and west virginia, 2nd and with this stellar record this year, the fans think they'll give them a run for the money. it's expected to be a run away, but i doub
. against virginia tech. manny atkins, fourth on atkins. >> dave: well, we had an idea that was going to go into a final minute of play it was decided. two free throws for d'andre bell. >> tom: d'andre bell. one of two seniors on his team here on senior night at alexander memorial coliseum. the final game of the season. >> dave: the other senior, zach peacock, is also in the game. >> tom: and six points now. it's a four-point game. delaney runs out and fouls shumpert. >> dave: i love the way paul hewitt has rotated the defenders on malcolm delaney. brian oliver one time to shumpert the next. might bring in glen rice and put him on him. he's got udofia, miller. he's rotating all the time. still, it comes down to a junior. a junior making free throws. >> tom: 12 from the line for delaney and 28 points. another free throw. 29 points. >> dave: georgia tech's got to be careful not to take the first three that comes along. if theyet it, they'll shoot it. still plenty of time. >> tom: oliver. 53 seconds to go. foul on virginia tech. fourth on thompson. virginia tech has won two in a row in the ser
in the united states is in arlington, virginia. they are voting for a new parliament which will elect a prime minister and president. the an iraqi national who lives in northern virginia wants his children to remember this historic day. >> we told them that we are going to choose the best for our country. >> i feel like i am celebrating today. i am so happy, that's why i'm here to vote. >> about 1.4 million iraqis in 16 countries including the united states are eligible to vote in the iraqi elections. >>> detectives in california got a tip in the disappearance of a 14-year-old today and they drained a pond after they got that tip. a family told police their daughters found a bag with human hair near the pd last may. they didn't think it was that significant at the time. but they called police this week after hearing about the murder of chelsea king, after hearing it might be linked to a missing teenager amber dubois. the pond is about two miles a washington way from where a body believed to be king's was found, and south of where amber dubois disappeared. >>> the united nations is promising m
childhood obesity. back to you. >>> family members of those killed in the virginia tech shootings express their anger over several pro-gun laws in the commonwealth. >>> and an effort to repair road damage during a powerful snowstorm is proving to be a success. we'll be right back. >>> many high school students in fargo, north dakota will be excused from classes today to help their city battle the rising river red. it is expected to crest 20 feet above flood stage. 415,000 sandbags have been delivered to the area. >>> yesterday, in our region, 1.6 million-gallons of water passed over the rocks of great falls every second when the potomac river crested. further along the tidal potomac, the fire boat was tossed from the strong currents. >> it is moving me tied side to side everywhere. >> reporter: when is the last time you have seen it like this. >> i have never seen it this bad. >> reporter: some were lucky enough to see a rainbow in some of the spray. a beautiful shot. >> a lot of water there. >> a lot of water but nothing from the sky today. >> no. a great period to dry out. i want to tou
. >> virginia's attorney general is warning house speaker nancy pelosi not to use parliamentary rules to pass healthcare reform without a vote. that would expose the reform to a constitutional challenge. >>> maryland's governor is weighing in on same sex marriage. earlier this month, the attorney general said maryland state agencies should recognize marriages from other states. now governor martin o'malley calls it sound advice. >>> in just a few hours, virginia will put a man to death convicted in our area. the victim's family will be there. kristin fisher has more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the man we are talking about is paul powell. his execution is set for 9:00 tonight at greensville. in a rare move, paul powell has chosen to die in the electric chair instead of lethal injection. the 41-year-old is convicted of killing stacy reed and raping her sister back in 1999. christi, shown right there, still shows the scars of the attack. they are her -- her throat has been slashed. this is an execution that almost did not happen. in 2001, the virginia supreme court o
an old traffic alert for you. cambridge road is closed in fairfax, virginia at kenmore drive because of an accident. take white head over to university to get to stratford and access chain bridge from there. we are watching volume between lorton and newington. as we continue to 395, things are slowing down between the duke and seminary areas. moving to the district. inbound new york avenue from the times building to bladensburg road. and things are filling out university to georgia. no incidents or accidents just volume. back to you. >>> this morning parts of the potomac river are three to four feet above normal. and it could be a few more hours before water levels start to come down. let's take a tour of the river. this is point of rocks, maryland. flood levels there hit 26 feet there. that is high but not as bad as predicted. we go south to the great falls of potomac. sky 9 caught rushing water there rushing over the small islands. the parks on both sides of the river are scheduled to reopen this morning. we will have to see if that happens. >>> we want to keep going south to georg
16. >>> the second seed west virginia taking on number 10 missouri in the east. second half, leading by 3. west virginia led by 6. another big game for butler. dives into the lane and has a game high 28. west virginia defeats missouri 68-58. next up for the mountaineers washington in the sweet 16. >>> first round ever the women's ncaa tournament, virginia facing number 12 wisconsin green bay. final seconds, off the miss, monica scores on her second attempt. she had a game high 34 but it wasn't enough. virginia upset by wisconsin green bay 69-67. >>> when we return, the biggest question on the hilltop. will the hoyas' big man say hello to the nba? a status report on greg monroe when we come back.  >>> back on. there is one silver lining in georgetown's disappointing loss to ohio in the first round ever the ncaa tournament. the hoyas had no seniors on this year's squad. of course that doesn't guarantee that everyone will be back. of course i'm speaking about greg monroe. was this monroe's final game as a hoya? thursday's first round loss to the bobcats. the sophomore had 1
are nice and quiet out there. see how things are looking on i- 66 in virginia. right now route 50 to 123, choose about -- no major problems or accidents to talk about. drivers are behaving after the big party. i like what i see there. in maryland, inner and outer loop west of 95 toward georgia. not seeing any issues. an earlier accident on the inner loop. that has now cleared and finally we will head out in the district. no big problems there. no issues or accidents to deal with. over to you. >>> five young american men from northern virginia pleaded not guilty toll terrorism charges in pakistan. and only on nine a disturbing letter allegedly from one of the suspects an emotional reaction from members of the local community. andrea mccarren has the story. >> reporter: this handwritten letter obtained by 9 news is believed to be from one of the northern virginia men now facing terrorism charges in pakistan. it is filled with allegations of torture and beatings, allegedly at the hands of pakistani police. at the mosque where the five students turned international terror suspects prayed, so
railroad crossing in quantico, virginia. investigators say they suspect the woman was trying to beat the train across the tracks. she was not injured. >>> it is another day of river watching around the area. the potomac lapped up against buildings at the bottom of king street and old town alexandria. home and businesses braced for high tide, and the high water and damage is minimal. there's also a lot of high water on the potomac next to georgetown. the water is moving quickly as it passes the kennedy center and the key bridge. large sea wall were raised to keep the water in flooding businesses on the waterfront. >>> an earthquake shook los angeles early this morning. the 4.4 magnitude earthquake caused minor damage. no one was injured and power is still running. so far there are no reports of any buildings suffering damage. however, the earthquake ripped a hole in a major highway. road crews have shut down the lane and redirected traffic for the morning commute. >>> top democrats, including the president, are fighting hard to lock in every vote they can ahead of the big vote on heal
-olnorthern virginia woman. they met the woman at a nightclub. they threatened to kill her and forced her to perform a number of sexual acts at night. . she was a -- at knifepoint. >>> the bridge is 7 feet higher, widened from 4 to 6 lanes. flooding from the creek has caused major headaches for years along route one. >>> folks traveling through virginia will have more places to stop and rest. eight of the 19 rest stops closed last year because of budget cuts officially reopens today. governor bob mcdonnell cut the ribbon at today. it will cost virginia $3 million through the end of virginia. the other 11 restaurants will open by april 15. >>> breaking news of the high- speed chase in prince george's county. newschopper 7 has been following this. it is the southbound area of kenilworth avenue, near greenbelt, maryland. the driver they were chasing has co to a stop. you can see it was a felony traffic stop, we are told. the police are moving in. >>> new high-tech cars to more than go fast and save energy. >>> what i may think -- what i think may end up being the best term -- the best game of the tourn
and georgia, but overall no complaints around the beltway even in to virginia. speaking of virginia, 66 eastbound, two delays to tell you about. first from 234 to 28 and more volume is picking tune between 50 and 123. 95 northbound. one steady slow go from the prince william parkway to the fairfax county parkway. that is taking an extra 10 to 15 minutes. >>> at the top of the hour a story that is new at 6:00 a.m. a cane see in prince georges county? it could happen if maryland senate president mike miller gets his way. the democrat is producing plans to put table games at the rose kroft raceway. it would allow black jack and poker. miller claims it would bring in a quarter billion dollars a year beginning in 2012. of course the free state is having a problem getting the slots parlors going. opponents of the complex have enough signatures on their petition. that means anne arundel county voters will decide if the parlor will be built. voters approved slot machines in 2008. >>> now to metro, a harsh new report is telling the agency what it needs to do to stay safe and win back riders. kri
. this is past montross. head to 66 westbound. good morning, virginia. out of manassas not seeing any problems. no incidents or accidents to block your travel lanes. 395 all clear as we switch our cameras on over little more car north of duke street and the beltway in virginia, on the inner loop between telegraph and eisenhower, watch for construction taking away the left lane. angie, over to you. >> thank you. >>> president obama wants health care reform to be a done deal in one week. he told the crowd at a rally outside of st. louis that congress needs to take an up or down vote on the overhaul plan. republicans call it a recipe for higher taxes and cuts in medicare and vow to fight until the end. joel brown has more. >> the president is on the road taking his fight for health care reform to st. louis. >> i believe congress owes the american people a final up or down vote on health care reform [ applause ] the time for talk is over. it's time to vote. >> reporter: the white house wants to show it's serious about cutting health care costs. president obama signed an order setting up a system o
that didn't work very well. >> taylor was caught in west virginia a day after his mistaken release. they are trying to avoid the similasimilar incidents throughr print scans. >>> the bill would also require staggered terms and two attorneys on the panel. it would reduce the number of members nominated by the mayor from 5-3. now the bill is up for a vote by the city council. >>> hundreds of baltimore parents don't know where their kids will go to school next year and they want some answers. last wednesday, the archdiocese announced that 13 baltimore area catholic schools will not reopen next year due to budget problems. today the archdiocese of baltimore will hold the meetings with parents and students who have been affected by the closings. the meetings will give parents a chance to ask questions, and will be held at three different schools. >>> one of those schools hosting a meeting tonight is cardinal gibbins school which is slated to close. the school is more than $1 million in debt. tonight during the meeting members of the community will hold a rally outside of the auditorium
in baltimore washington. over the delmarva easton 37. freezing spot, culpeper in northern virginia. you are usually cooler than everyone else and cool this morning. winchester 33. fredericksburg down in virginia 36. 50 as soon as 9:00 here in washington. back up to the mid to upper 60s in many cases and we will have 70s coming an and i will have a spotlight on maryland's forecast in seven minutes. right now get up to date on traffic. >>> the bw parkway heading southbound and northbound earlier was shut down because of a fatal accident at 193. our 9 news now reporter kristin fisher earlier spoke to police about the accident. >> shortly before 4:00 this morning, a vehicle was traveling southbound on the baltimore-washington parkway just north of route 193, which is greenbelt road. this vehicle left the roadway, went in to the median strip and struck a fixed object. the operator of the vehicle was pinned in the vehicle for a short period of time. prince georges county fire department extricated the person from the vehicle and he was pronounced dead at the scene. >>> so right now what you n
:00 hour with two alerts in virginia. begin with the outer loop at route 50. a disabled vehicle is taking away the right lane for drivers. slow around 66. on the inner loop another disabled vehicle near the georgetown pike exit. moving over to 66. let's show you the slow downs here from 50 to 123. you are below speed. checking out 95 northbound. where we are slow in two spots. switching the camera over from 123 to lorton. you are using those brakes. same situation from the fairfax county parkway to back lick. maryland, good morning to folks out there. on the outer loop we are picking up volume from university to georgia and finally wrap it with 95 and the gw parkway. out of baltimore looks like we are clear from the early morning incidents we were dealing with earlier. lanes are wide open. back to you. >>> at the top of the hour we focus on the health care reform package. president obama will sign it in to law today. he's expected to do that later this morning at the white house. top congressional democrats will be there but republicans are vowing to try to stop the bill with lawsuits fro
. the storm system is pulling away with a couple of sprinkles left over as we look at northern virginia. >>> a couple of sprinkles in faulkier county past manassas in to marshall and the plains and even in fairfax light sprinkles. back to the weather computer. temperatures in the 40s. low to mid-40s in most areas. from 43 to 46. ft. belvoir 44 reston and andrews air force base and brandy wine and rockville, columbia, one of the cool spots at 43. we will see sunshine today with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. seven day in about 15. right now here's angie. >> the last half hour we have been watching the traffic tieups in virginia. good morning. thanks for joining us for the 5:00 hour. on the outer loop at the toll road this accident is taking away the right lane. traffic flow is light. moving it out and show you the inner loop. the construction scene has cleared. the same situation near the telegraph road exit. moving to 395 northbound. finding the drive okay past duke street to the 14th street bridge. hello, maryland, we are tracking the outer loop. we are north of the district liv
clouds in southern virginia coming from a week coastal low pressure system that will spin off evident of hatteras. taught stay sunny here. sunny again tomorrow near 70. saturday some high clouds and near 70 again. then on sunday a little sun in the morning clouding up quickly the rest of the day. could get some showers late afternoon and evening happen highs in the 60s. how is the thursday traffic? >> take a live look at the district. kenilworth avenue pretty quiet. no hangups into northeast. new york avenue looking finds. getting reports of an accident, maybe an overturned vehicle, inner loop of the beltway near route 1 in college park. 270 is doing okay. a bunch of road work over on the beltway in virginia. most of which should be wrapping up any time. >>> thanks very much. >>> it was a brutal, horrifi crime a 16-year-old girl stabbed to death her 14-year-old sister savagely attacked and a killer that taunted the justice system. today, the man accused will be put to death. elaine reyes joins us now. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s.upreme court declined to step in after it origina
with angie. >> we are kicking off the 6:00 a.m. hour. will begin with delays at 95 northbound in virginia. slow from the prince william parkway to lorton. and again once you reach the fairfax county parkway to the backlick road exit. taking it to 395, the northbound trip, a little delay between duke and seminary. that's going to grow. live from south capital street and the suitland parkway, no major issues to report making your way in to the district. we do still -- we are keeping an eye on northbound bw parkway because at annapolis road we have confirmed there is crash activity out there. 270 southbound no complaints other than volume building between 118 germantown road to interstate 370. back to you. >>> >>> at the top of the hour, new developments in the health care reform battle. it's not over yet. while you slept, senate republicans were able to get a so-called fix it bill sent back to the house. kristin fisher is live to tell us what happened and what's next. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. we are talking about the health care reconciliation act. this is the bill which will make
, georgetown should be okay and they were playing against west virginia. and he drives, lays it in and out to a quick 8-1 lead. the final minute of the first half and wins the battle for the loose ball and goes to wries -- chris wright and gets fouled. the hoyas were down 4 at the half. the second half, west virginia and to casey mitchell, nails the base line 3 and had the biggest, 43-44 and the hoyas fight back and answers with the baseline, three of his own and looks like he was fouled and could have been a fo-point play and this is tied, 58-58 with 9 secs left. and having lost their acc quarter final matchup, maryland is anshuts for selection sunday. the acc regular season -- will learn the destination for the national turn a. they had a brief stay and fell behind georgia tech by 16 at half and mounted a comeback. it was not enough. the seventh-seeded yellowjackets held on for a victory and despite the setback, gary williams is pleased at how his team is entering next week's ncaa tournament. >> do you remind a team that is how we applied all year like the second half and that is good to
and many brackets tossed away. action from two games and starting with kentucky and with west virginia. brings it up and check out the moves, he hits the long jumper with a game high 19 points. the wildcats with the biggest lead, 16-9 and west virginia, needs a hug and leading the first, wuv, the first place, butler. three from the baseline is good and the foul. made the four-point play. butler with points. the mounttain -- mountaineers led by two and west virginia, the drive through the wildcats and lays it in with a career high 17. west virginia, to kentucky, 73- 66 and going to the final 4 since the first ti in 1959. >>> kansas state taking on butler. misses the free-throw and the rebound and to clemente and he grills the 3-pointer and had 18 in kansas state and led by one. butler up by 2 and moore drives with the lay-in. the bulldogs up by 4 and feeling good. with over a minute left and butler saves the ball, 63-56, the bulldogs advance to the final four the first time in history and get this, they get a bonus. they will play in the town of indianapolis. >>> time for a quick break
fatalities. this could cause delays for writers to virginia. and still working to clean up after a derailment that canceled amtrak trains, including trains to our area. the 11 million pounds of coal were spilled. it affects part of the main line that runs through chicago. they have been forced to cancel limits trains from chicago to d.c. after six terms in congress, republican of stanford paris developed heart disease and died. services will be held at arlington national cemetery. harris was 80 years old. lights went out in d.c. and other cities around the globe as part of earth hour to raise awareness. >> as you mentioned, earth our 2010 is a major event. the idea is to shut down lights for one hour in prominent locations around the globe. the hope is that it will promote environmental awareness. it is an environmental countdown are around the world. >> when people switched out their light, they're also making switches in their lifestyle. the >> they call it earth hour 2010. >> the action is simple, turning off the light, but can impact the world. >> it is a hope to raise environmental aware
back and bedell later died. the officers are doing well tonight. >>> a move by the virginia attorney general has a lot of people just plain stunned. is telling all state schools and universities to stop offering legal protection against discrimination to homosexuals. fox 5's john henrehan got reaction at george mason university today. >> reporter: george mason university is named after the founding father who drafted the virginia declaration of rights. 234 years later the university that bears his name promises in writing to avoid discrimination on the base of race, color, religion, et cetera and sexual orientation. virginia's republican attorney general has now sent a letter to gmu and all other state universities calling for elimination of protection for gays. ken in his letter points out that virginia's colleges and universities are public institutions and subject to the control of the general assembly which he points out on numerous occasions rejected legislation protecting gays from discrimination. the attorney general's letter urges the state colleges to bring their policies in
democrat gerry connelly from a swing district in northern virginia declined to talk politics before or after the vote. >> i'm not going to discuss anything about somebody who might run for this job later in the year. i'm just not going to respond to that. >> reporter: gop supervisor herty are hoping to challenge him in november. >> people are mad and upset and you will clearly see it in the polls in november. >> reporter: debate should begin in the senate tomorrow about the changes made by house democrats to that health care reform bill. once the differences are ironed out, president obama is expected to sign the measure and then hit the road to promote it. but as soon as the measure is signed something else will happen. virginia's attorney general will go to court and sue. >> there's never been a point in american history where the federal government has been able to order individual citizens to buy any good or service. such a power to the federal government would represent an enormous erosion of liberty in this country. >> reporter: attorney general says the current health care bi
between the federal government and seattle of -- state of virginia. the governor signed a new state law freeing virginians from one of the biggest parts of president obama's healthcare reform law. the requirement to buy health insurance. what now? a court battle that could we understand up at the supreme court and tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: they're calling thisd virginia healthcare freedom act. it means the old dominion in richmond has a law on the books directly at odds with what president obama signed into law in washington yesterday. virginia governor bob mcdonald firing the first shot in a state's right battle over the key part of the new federal healthcare law. the issue? can the federal government mandate citizens purchase healthcare in. >> we have not been able to find any precedent based on a clause or anywhere else that the u.s. constitution authorizes the congress to mandate the purchase of a service. >> reporter: the new law signed by the governor, said that virginians will not be subjected to the now federal mandate. to defend their position, the republican attorn
, washington capitals. >> the 50-year-old nagel was arrested this morning at his home in reston, virginia. his personal car parked in front of his townhouse. neighbors had no clue he had been arrested for allegedly supplies performance enhancing drugs to local athletes. >> i'm shocked. i'm shocked. i know they are health conscious. >> according to public records, one douglas nagel has been disciplined here in the state of virginia and in pennsylvania for alleged professional misconduct and practicing without a license. he paid fines in both cases. > authorities in florida say that nagel was arrested on their warrant and charged with seven counts of conspiring to deliver a controlled substance, specifically steroids. last year, a florida based associate of nagel pleaded guilty to possessing steroids with intent to sell. that same man, according to an affidavit told nagel that they were supplying to the washington capitals. and according to authorities, here are some fedex receipts for those alleged steroid purchases. nagel's wife, jan, said in a brief telephone interview today that her husba
and damp on this monday morning. looking at the radar we do have somecattered showers across virginia, west virginia, maryland, the district of columbia. they are heading from the south to the north and will be with us here from time to time throughout the rest of the day and tonight and tomorrow morning. right now off to a mild start. temperatures are around 60 degrees all around the region. throughout the day maybe a passing shower, perhaps a few sprinkles from time to time. highs should make it in the mid-60s p.m. a few sprinkles tonight into perhaps midday on tuesday and then some sun back tomorrow afternoon with a blustery northwest wind. cooler, highs in thor 50s. sun returns wednesday and thursday with highs throw mid-60s and morning lows near 40. how is the monday commute? >> doing pretty well. the drive in from the west, 66 all those headlights coming at us. folks coming out of manassas towards fair oaks and vienna. no incidents. wilson bridge, outer loop and inner loop between oxon hill and alexandria doing fine. chain bridge construction has been completed and is re-opened. back
not released any information about the person or how they we found. >>> a move by the virginia attorney general has a lot of people just plain stunned today. he is telling all state schools and universities to stop offering legal protection against discrimination to homosexuals. john henrehan heard reaction from students at george mason you've. >> reporter: george mason university is named after the founding father who drafted the declaration of rights. the university that represents him promises to not deny administration on sexual orientation. virginia attorney general has called for elimination of protection for gays. ken cuccinelli points out that virginia's colleges and universities are public institutions and subject to the control of the general assembly which he points out on numerous occasions rejected legislation protecting gays from discrimination and urges the state colleges to bring their policies in conformance with the law. >> this is a very sad day. >> reporter: danal willie is with a group that believes sexual minorities do need protection. >> most of us are open but that doesn
far that hasn't happen. what is going on? governor florida is onboard. virginia is onboard. 12 other states suing the federal government. what is the whole up if you want to sue? >> my attorney general in minnesota the only person who can bring a suit is the attorney general she is thinking about it, hasn't decided yet but we are asking her to do it. >> greta: democrat or republican? >> she is a democrat. >> greta: you can't boss her around? >> i could but she wouldn't listen, independently elected office. when you have up to 15 other states saying there is merit something that can and should be done. she said she going to consider it. she didn't say no out of the gate. >> greta: do you like the health care bill? >> no. >> greta: why? >> it is a reflection of a democrat 30 year obsession with trying to make government services look like general motors from the 70s when the world is now apple and a iphone. our view of the world is not big centralized bureaucracy, one size fits all, price controls, tax increases. we want consumers in charge and make it look like an iphone a metaphor fo
. things are filling out from 234 to 28 and again 50 to 123. we are also tracking the beltway in virginia. actually i'm getting good news here. the disabled vehicle at 123 is gone. pretty much free flowing. wrap it up with a downed tree. going to the maps in fairfax county, virginia. yates ford road is closed at clifton. use yates ford, make a left on to 641 and that will get you back to clifton. that's your best alternate. back to you, andrea. >>> we begin with a focus on health care reform. now that president obama has signed it in to law we are getting a closer look at what americans think of it. there is a poll this morning from gallup and our partners at "usa today." it finds 49% of americans called the reform bill "a good thing." 40% say it is a bad thing. 11% have have no opinion. breaking it down by party, 79% of democrats say it's a good thing. the same for 46% of independents and only 14% of republicans. >>> attorneys materials from -- attorney general for more than a dozen states plan to sue to stop the reform package. among them ken cuccinelli. kristin fisher has more on his r
as the mountains now in the mid-50s and getting moderate rain in southern west virginia even pockets of heavy downpours there. that's going to be passing west of washington this morning but later on this afternoon other passing showers and maybe even thunder and that may continue into tonight. then some drizzle perhaps tomorrow morning into midday and sun back tomorrow afternoon upper 50s and mostly sunny wednesday, mid-60s. now, jerry, how is it looking this morning? >> light sprinkles could cause some problems. be careful. they are out there. let's start with northern virginia i-95 northbound. as you make the trip south to the approach of the wilson bridge. that have 95. this is the wilson bridge. be very cautious this morning. a lot of overnight road work most if not all should be picked up at this hour. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, jerry. >>> the year long battle over healthcare reform is now over. >> democrats are declaring victory. the house passed the historic legislation late last night with a 219-212 vote. it would extend coverage to 32 million uninsured america
much of the area. lyndon, virginia, blue mountain, over two inches, front royal, more than two inches of rain. baltimore, maryland, nearly flee inches of rain. here you can see it on doppler. not much going on right around washington just yet. there is an area of rain showers coming up i-95, moving through ashland, virginia. this is all coming our way. don't be surprised to hear the rain return to your area in the overnight hours. flood potential remains very high at least through tomorrow. how wet and how long? the seven-day coming up. >>> people who live in low-lying areas are keeping an eye on rising creeks and rivers. old tound alexandra, the rising water closed a few streets. for the most part the city has escaped major flooding. the winds did some damage in montgomery county. a tree fell on a house in rockville. fortunately, no one was hurt. power companies have reported several power outages because of falling trees. the same storm system is crea creating problems from west virginia to new york. in some parts of the southern west virginia area people had to be rescued from thei
the missing guns were seized by the same officer. >>> virginia state police are looking for the driver who pit hit a man near springfield early this morning and kept going. it happened at 4:00 this morning on southbound lanes on i-95 near fairfax county parkway. the 73-year-old was involved in a minor accident was with you standing next to his car when he was hit. the police are looking for a large mercedes. sedan or small mercedes suv, passenger side mirror may be damaged and it may have some blue paint on it from the victim's car. >> a d.c. police officer is recovering thanks to bystanders. the motorcycle cop was directing traffic for the parade today at the corner of 5th and 8th streets and northwest when he collapsed. a number of people rushed to help. the man was taken to the closest hospital in serious condition at this point. the police are not sure why he collapsed. >>> the virginia general assembly approved a new two-year state budget today. the $70 billion plan leaves out any tax increases but it does make some major cuts to state services and hits public education particularly hard.
say the five northern virginia men went to join al qaeda. >> do we think these five men spend the rest of their lives in a pakistani jail? >> they are innocent until proven guilty. there is no hard evidence they are involved or they committed a crime. >> reporter: that trial could begin in two weeks. the men ages 18 to 24, if convicted by a judge could spend the rest of their lives in a pakistani prison. craig melvin, news4. >> thank you, craig. >> the attorney general in virginia is threatening a lawsuit if house democrats go through with an unusual plan to pass health care reform. one man wrote a letter to ncy pelosi today and asked her not to use the deem and pass rule. that allows law makers to push legislation through without a direct vote. both political parties used it in the past, but not with anything this monumental. he says it is unconstitutional to use that procedure the way democrats proposed. >>> pelosi and other democratic leaders are still hoping that they won't have to use the deem and pass rule. theye lobbying about 30 conservative democrats to vote yes. today dennis
threats. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >>> the effort by the virginia attorney general to stop the president's plan is turning in to a war of words in the commonwealth. republican ken cuccinelli says the democrats plan is unconstitutional and so he has filed a lawsuit to stop it. democrats call the lawsuit a waste but ken cuccinelli believes he's correct. >> there are plenty of important things we do in our office, but it's hard to argue there is anything more important than defending the constitution of the united states and the commonwealth of virginia. >> virginia will lose the lawsuit and with it hundreds of thousands of dollars in man hours the attorney general office will put in to the effort. >> reporter: virginia is more than one of a cousin suits filing suit to block health care reform. part of the health care reform is finding people who do not have health care, but not in virginia. governor mcdonnell signed a law saying virginians cannot be required to purchase coverage. it is part of the republican's effort to block the reform bill. as you know, virginia's attorney
the virginia coast. citgoing back to snow across southeastern virginia. we may see rain go to snow as well but with temperatures, as i said above the 32 mark, well above it in fact. 38 national. 37 bwi. 39 fredericksburg. there you go, 27 for oakland. there's the subfreezing stuff and some valleys and mountains in western maryland, watch for subfreezing temperatures. mix of rain and snow showers today. temperatures in the low 40s. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, patranya bhoolsuwan. >>> good morning. we will start with a traffic alert for dryers -- drivers in virginia. we have been telling you about a water main break on southbound route 1, closed at 27th street in crystal city. it has been going on for some time now. if you rely on this to get to work here's alternates. take crystal drive to 233 or 23rd street to evest 22nd street. a lot of people rely on this. how long will it stick around? we will send it to kristin fisher who's live on the scene. >> take note of the detours because you will need it this morning. this is the intersection of 23rd street and route 1 crews have been working
the incident to determine how he was able to remove his restraints during transport. >>> virginia lawmakers approved bills that would expand the death penalty. it would allow the death penalty that would be used for those who kill police officers. governor bob mcdonnell exports this expansion. >>> investigators released a report into a small plane crashed in central virginia. the pilot was killed when his twin engine plane crashed minutes after taking off on march 4. witnesses reported hearing an engine problem before the plane went down. the national transportation safety board say witnesses saw smoke coming from the plane. the investigation continues. >>> coming up copper police officers -- coming up, police officers accused of shooting pedestrians in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. >>> more aftershocks rocked chile. >> we saw sunshine this morning. now the rain is heading towards us. the risk-takers. the visionaries. the entrepreneurs... who put it all on the line to build and run their own businesses. at at&t, we know something about that. our company started out in a small lab, wit
as we can see right now. moving to virginia 395 northbound past seminary and glebe to the 14th street bridge. looking good. a little volume at this hour. 66 eastbound, still nice and light. just a little more volume as well but no big problems. make sure you grab those sun glasses to get out there later on today and open the sunroof. it will be nice out there. back to you. >>> paul powell is set to die in virginia's electric chair, 11 years after he killed a 16- year-old girl and attacked her little sister. kristin fisher has more from the information center. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well n a rare move, powell has chosen to die in the electric chair instead of by lethal injection. the execution is tonight at the greenville connection at center in virginia. the 31-year-old is convicted of killing 16-year-old stacey reed and raping her sister in ' 99. christy shown here last year still shows the scars of that savage attack. her throat and abdomen had been slashed with a knife. she will be at the ux cushion when powell draws his last breath. this is an execution
aquarium gets an extreme makeover. first, thoe, a pastor and his wife from hay market, virginia, are back home from haiti with their adopted son. the warrens were trying to adopt for 12 years. time after time the adoption fell through. after meeting their son in haiti, they knew nothing, not even an earthquake will get in the way. we have more on their amazing journey. >> reporter: through the lens of pastor warren his new son is introduced to family. grandparents, aunts and uncles swarmed baby sterle. >> i'm so thankful. i ask ourovernment please help the families that are still sitting at the embassy crying like i am. it's just a dream come true. one of the happiest days of my life. >> reporter: this emotional day has been months in the making. through the adoption process, everybody was almost set until january 12th when the earthquake hit and the adoption papers were destroyed. the warrens decided to return to haiti and bring him back themselves. with no paperwork it took nearly two weeks to overcome red tape. >> our haitian lawyer produced everything she could. we had friends in virg
the opponents is a wounded survivor of the virginia tech manager -- the virginia tech massacre. >> i do not support any corporation that allows that. >> the virginia legislature recently passed legislation allowing residents to carry guns into local restaurants. >> this allows people to protect themselves if they find it necessary. >> starbucks officials said they comply with local laws wherever they operate. >> they say law-abiding citizens will not pose a threat to them or the general public. >> the local california pizza kitchen chain has gone the other direction. protesters say they hope that starbucks will change its mind and banned guns just like they banned smoking -- change its mind and ban guns just like they banned smoking. >>> a soldier in afghanistan has died ia vehicle rollover. afghanistan s his second appointment. he served in iraq from 2009 to november 2006. >>> president obama tried to convince the public and lawmakers who are wavering. republicans are repeating their call to start over on health care. the president held meetings with representatives from the insurance
. there were acts of vandali that appear to be politically motivated all across the country, from virginia to arizona. craig melvin joins us live on capitol hill with more on this. >> reporter: you probably remember those health care town hall meetings that frequently deinvolved into screaming matches. this past weekend several law makers say protestors spat on them and shouted racial epithets. they say they have been getting their cues from law makers who long ago abandoned civility. a tea party activist posted what they thought was virginia congressman tom perrillo's house, but it turned out to be his brother and they wt and kutd a propane tank line. someone destroyed this congressional ofls door in arizona. michigan representative bart stupak released some of the vulgar voice mails he's received. >> congressman stupak, you baby-killing [ bleep ]. >> reporter: wednesday house majority leader steny hoyer said the democratic leadership was genuinely concerned. >> i think we had very serious incidents that occurred over the last 48, 72 hours. >> reporter: virginia congressman jerry connolly
and rescue crews in d.c., maryland and virginia are preparing to deal with high water dangers. >> if you come upon a roadway such as you see here on wood burn road, avoid it all together. if you see any water running across the roadway, avoid it. >> reporter: in old town, alexandria, king street was closed in anticipation of high tide on the nearby potomac river. sandbags are piled up and ready to use by businesses in this low-lying area. we are told the potomac in georgetown to rise three feet above flood level on sunday. back to you. >> jackie benson, thank you. we'll have continuing coverage on the weather on and beginning tomorrow morning on "news4 today" at 6:00 a.m. >>> senator harry reid's wife is hospitalized tonight after surgery. she was seriously injured after the van she was riding was rear-ended on i-95 near lorton, virginia. she is not paralyzed and could start physical therapy as soon as tomorrow. reid's adult daughter was injured, but less severely. >>> president obama put added pressure on congress to push through a massive health care reform bill soon. hous
time and time and time and time again. while on the state level, virginia's attorney general is threatening to sue to stop his fellow virginians from getting federal health reform. and on the democratic level, burt stupak has taken his imaginary abortion fight to the nuns. that plus the latest right-wing conspiracy. this time they're saying that the president hates fishermen. plus, a special st. patrick's day cocktail. all coming up this hour. >>> but we begin. with all of washington waiting with baited breath tonight for one of the last health reform dominos to fall, that domino is the official score from the congressional budget office on the revised health reform bill. the cbo's official unbiased assessment of how health reform is going to affect the deficit that cbo score could come out any minute now. nobody really knows. it was expected to be released some time this afternoon. then it was going to be some time late tonight. now our best vaguely informed guess is to expect that cbo score to come out some time tomorrow. get ready, america! here it comes. and here is why y
university. >>> a gymnastics coach in virginia is now behind bars accused of having sex with a 13-year-old boy. west springfield police arrested 24-year-old christopher ford yesterday. this investigation began in january whenhe boy's mother went to the police and the allegations say that the relationship happened more than two years ago. ford was 22 years old at the time. >>> five local men are now facing terror charges in pakistan. accused of planning attacks against the government. the five are all muslims from alexandria who attended a mosque in northern virginia and range in age from 18 to 24. this morning they pled not guilty to all the charges against them. elaine rees has more. >> reporter: the five young men including a former dental student at howard university could face a life sentencen a pakistani prison. a judge will hear their case because there are no jury trials in pakistan. authorities say that the group went missing in late november. they obtained visas from pakistan's embassy in d.c., claiming they were to attend a wedding this. but police investigators were tipped o
virginia today. a gun goes off striking a woman standing out on the deck of her home. police tell us the gunman was a retired marine sitting in his house, practicing loading and unloading his shotgun. that's when the gun fired. the bullet traveled out of his house, through another one. a woman was wounded but the bullet didn't stop ere. julie carey is working on this story for us. she'll have a live report coming up here at 5:30. >>> severe storms spawned a deadly tornado in arkansas. and that same storm system is now headed towards our region. tom is in the weather center now with the latest on the conditions. nothing that dramatic coming this way, huh, tom? >> no, but it is part of the same storm system that is now beginning to spread rain into virginia. this was the scene last evening, right around sunset in arkansas. we got this amateur video of this tornado on the ground as the sky turned dark and stormy. at least one person is dead after this tornado touched down. this is in north-central arkansas. four people were injured during the storm, which knocked out power to 2,000 cust
or accidents to report. we're going to take it into d.c. and show you a live shot. virginia 395, tracking your northbound trip. a 5 or so from duke street to seminary. you're okay crossing that 14th street bridge. 95 heading northbound do watch out for a disabled vehicle at the fairfax county parkway exit. it looks like a slow go from the parkway to route 1. >> it is a big story today. president obama's health care reform package passed by the house. the vote sunday night 219-212. not a single republican voted yes. president obama hails it as a victory for the american people and it's heading to his desk for his signature. a slate of changes to the house bill now heads to the senate where it should be approved. >>> democrats in the house approved the nearly $1 billion package just about 7 hours ago. kristen fisher is live on the hill with a closer look at what happened. good morning. >> that's right. good morning, andrea. two months ago most people thought this bill was dead but yesterday afternoon the obama administration struck a deal with anti-abortion lawmakers. they were the final stickin
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